Saturday / January 20 / 2018

Japan Ship Equipment Inspection Society

Type: Association
Location: Japan

Description: In the beginning, the items subject to certification and testing were limited to conventional ship equipment such as ship lights,life-saving appliances, fire-fighting appliances, hatch tarpaulins. Since then, safety standards were modernized and the measures for the prevention of marine pollution were strengthened internationally with the amendments to "the International Convention for the safety of Life at Sea"(SOLAS), "the International Regulations Preventing Collisions at Sea" and "the International Convention for the Prevention of pollution from Ships" (MARPOL) and corresponding amendments have been introduced to the relevant laws and regulations of Japan. Furthermore, ship structures and equipment are becoming more diversified reflecting changes in the mode of operation and utilization of ships. In order to cope with such trends, the items subject to certification and testing have been increased to cover various kinds of products ranging from simple conventional equipment to highly sophisticated electronic devices. On 1st January 1987, we began on certification and testing of packagings for dangerous goods based on "International Marine Dangerous Goods Code" under the authorization of the Japanese Government. On 26th December 2005, we registered with Japanese Government under Industry Standardization Law as the certification body of products fabricated in accordance with the requirements of Division F Shipbuilding of Japanese Industrial Standards and, on 11th January 2006, began on certification and testing of products.

website: http://www.hakuyohin.or.jp/